Capacity : 32 gpm (145 lpm)
Head : 25 ft (7.62 m)

1/3 Horsepower

Available with vertical mechanical switch (not shown)

The F. E. Myers 1/3 hp S33 submersible sump pump builds on the Myers tradition of innovation and quality. The S33 features our interchangeable, positive sealing socket design for easy replacement of both power and mercury-free mechanical float and vertical switch cords, and our recessed impeller. This 1/3 hp pump achieves a shut-oil head of 25 feet and a maximum flow of 32 gpm. Its 3450 rpm oil-filled permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor provides superior heat dissipation and built-in overload protection. Accurate shaft alignment and easy serviceability are assured by this permanent split capacitor motor, which is protected from water damage by a carbon-ceramic mechanical shaft seal and additional lip seal. The operating mode is easily switched from automatic to manual without removing the motor cap, by inserting a shunt plug. The S33 is also available with a vertical mechanical switch. In this configuration, the S33 can be installed in a 10 1/2" diameter sump.

Advantages By Design
Durable motor will deliver many years of reliable service
  • Oil-filled motor for maximum heat dissipation and continuous bearing lubrication.
  • PSC motor eliminates starting switches.
  • Recessed vortex impeller operates completely out of volute. Provides free flow through passage for solids and liquid, and has minimal radial loading for long bearing life.
The S33 is engineered for many years of maintenance-free operation.
  • If service is ever necessary, positive sealing, quick-disconnect power and switch cords make replacement simple.
  • Choice of wide-angle mercury-free mechanical float switch for maximum drawdown (built-in or piggyback), or vertical mechanical switch which allows installation in small 10W sumps.
Unit of Measure



N/A 25 ft7.62 m

Solids Handling Capacity

N/A 1/4 in6.4 mm

Float Switch Pump Down Range

N/A 7 in178 mm

Vertical Switch Pump Down Range

N/A 4 1/8 in107 mm

Liquids Handling

N/A Drain Water

Intermittent Liquid Temperature

N/A up to 140 ºFup to 60 ºC

Motor Electrical Data

N/A 1/3 HP PSC Motor, 3450 RPM


N/A 115V, 6.5 amps, 1 ph, 60 Hz.

Acceptable pH Range

N/A 6 to 9

Discharge, NPT

N/A 1 1/2 in38.1 mm

Float Switch Minimum Sump Diameter

N/A 18 in457 mm

Vertical Switch Minimum Sump Diameter

N/A 10 1/2 in254 mm


N/A 3450 rpm


N/A 1/3 hp


N/A 32 gpm145 lpm

Construction Material

Motor Housing Material

N/A Cast Iron

Volute Case Material

N/A Thermoplastic

Motor Cap Material

N/A Flame Retardant Thermoplastic

Recessed Impeller Material

N/A Thermoplastic

Power Cord Material

N/A 10 ft. 16/3 SJTW/SJTW-A 20 ft. 16/3 SJTW/SJTW-A

Mechanical Seal Material

N/A Type 11 A, Carbon and Ceramic