Capacity : 165 gpm (641 lpm)
Head : 70 ft (21.3 m)

Single and Double Seal

The heavy-duty Myers MW Series Sewage Pumps are designed for use in light commercial and residential raw sewage applications. MW pumps will pass a full 2” sphere. The enclosed two-vane impeller provides high efficiency pumping and will handle stringy trashy solids normally found in raw sewage applications. Ideal for a variety of sewage applications ranging from private household to light commercial installations. Available in double seal configuration for extended motor life.

Advantages By Design
Ideal for use in residential and light commercial sewage applications
  • High efficiency, two-vane, enclosed impeller provides ideal pump performance.
  • Impeller passes full 2 inch solids.
  • Enclosed impeller design eliminates possibility of jamming or corrosion between impeller and volute.
Durable motor will deliver many years of reliable service.
  • Oil-filled motor for maximum heat dissipation and constant bearing lubrication.
  • High torque, permanent split capacitor (PSC), single phase motors. No starting switches or relays to wear out.
  • Optional seal leak probe warns of seal leak condition. (Dual seal motors only.) Helps prevent costly motor damage.
  • Motors have on winding current and temperature sensitive overload. (Single phase only.)
The MW series sewage pumps are designed for years of maintenance free operation.
  • Volute seal ring is replaceable. Restores pump to original performance if wear should occur.
  • Motor is held in place by four screws. Easily removed if service is ever needed.
Unit of Measure



N/A 70 ft21.3 m

Solids Handling Capacity

N/A 2 in. (diameter) 50.8 mm

Liquids Handling

N/A Domestic Sewage and Drain Water

Intermittent Liquid Temperature

N/A up to 140 ºFup to 60 ºC

Available Motors

N/A 1/2 to 2 HP, 208, 230 volts, 1Ø
200, 230, 460, 575 volts, 3Ø
oil-filled, permanent split capacitor type, 1Ø
3450 rpm, 60 Hz

Motor Insulation

N/A Class B (130°C)

Acceptable pH Range

N/A 6 to 9

Specific Gravity

N/A 0.9 to 1.1


N/A 28 to 35 SSU

Discharge, NPT

N/A 2 in50.8 mm

Minimum Sump Diameter (Simplex)

N/A 24 in61 cm

Minimum Sump Diameter (Duplex)

N/A 36 in91.4 cm


N/A 3450 rpm


N/A 1/2 to 2 hp


N/A 165 gpm624 lpm

Construction Material

Motor Housing Material

N/A Cast Iron, Class 30, ASTM A48

Impeller Wear Ring Material

N/A 304 SST

Standard Enclosed 2-Vane Impeller Material

N/A Cast Iron, Class 30, ASTM A48

Optional Enclosed 2-Vane Impeller Material

N/A Bronze

Volute Material

N/A Cast Iron, Class 30, ASTM A48

Volute Seal Ring Material

N/A Buna-N

All 1 Phase Power Cord Material

N/A 20 ft. 14/3 SJOW

All 3 Phase Power Cord Material

N/A 20 ft. 14/4 SOOW

Shaft Material

N/A 416 SST

Standard Shaft Seal Material

N/A Single Carbon & Ceramic

Optional Shaft Seal Material

N/A Tandem Carbon & Ceramic

Optional Lower Shaft Seal Material

N/A Tungsten Carbide

Fasteners Material

N/A 300 series SST

Agency Approvals

Agency Approvals