The iQ pump controller was designed with the pump service operators and pump system owners in mind. iQ pump offers ease of setup and comprehensive pump and motor protection features. The integrated pump specific software and set up parameters, allow the operator to program control values for a wide range of applications. The iQ pump controller will automatically adjust pump operating conditions, as the process variables change while still maintaining optimum pump performance and protection. iQ pump can also replace phase converters when converting from a single-phase to a three-phase pump motor.
Unit of Measure


Power @ 208/230 VAC

N/A 5 to 150 hp

Power @ 480 VAC

N/A 5 to 500 hp

Typical Applications

N/A Commercial and Residential Irrigations, Fluid Storage Tanks, Settling Ponds, Sewage Lift Stations, Booster Pump Stations (Municipal, High-rises, Condos, Apartment Complexes, Residential Complexes)

Easy Installation and Set Up

  • Wire iQ pump Controller
  • Connect pipe to pump
  • Set Pressure (PSI) Reference
  • Calibrate Feedback Level (PSI)
  • Start iQ pump controller

Typical Multiplex Keypad Messages

N/A The iQ pump Keypad will provide the user with all the necessary system status operation and pump fault messages to ensure that service operators can efficiently monitor and diagnose any condition.

Pump Specific Operator Keypad

N/A Onboard LCD English display reduces field start up and troubleshooting time, with intuitive pump related terminology. Programmable pump process set points are adjusted using “True Engineering Units” (PSI, GPM, Flow, etc.). iQ pump provides real time alarms, status and operating conditions in an easy-to-read format.

Motor Protection

  • Output Phase Loss
  • Ground Fault
  • Motor Overload
  • Motor Over Temperature
  • Broken Shaft

IQ Pump Controller Protection

  • Over Voltage
  • Input Phase Loss
  • Under Voltage
  • Phase Imbalance
  • Short Circuit

Pump Fault and Alarms

N/A iQ pump provides a comprehensive set of pump related alarms and faults. Faults are displayed on the keypad in clear text to eliminate confusion:
  • Over Cycling
  • No Flow
  • Loss of Prime
  • Transducer Loss
  • Over Torque
  • Low and High Pressure Feedback Detection
  • Pump Over Cycling
  • Dry Well


N/A iQ pump is UL listed for single-phase and three-phase AC input voltage.

Multiplex Pump System Overview

N/A Multiplex Pump System Overview iQ pump has enhanced software over typical variable frequency drives allowing for multiple drives to communicate in a coordinated effort allowing pump system engineers the ability to add more modular pump systems together (Duplex, Triplex, etc.) to meet customer specifications.

  • iQ pump can support up to 8 pumps on internal Modbus RS485 communication
  • Automatically starts and stops Lead and Lag pumps on system demand
  • Automatically alternate all pumps with a system programmable timer to provide even mechanical pump wear
  • Programmable Priority Run and Alternate Sequence for custom pump systems
  • Configurable transducer feedback settings to provide redundant backup if failure occurs
  • No PLCs or control relays are required, therefore reducing total system cost and improved reliability


N/A iQ pump can be used to replace existing mechanical pump systems using Throttling Valves, Bypass Valves or other means of flow control to improve regulation and save energy. iQ pump was designed to control typical pumping applications that require systems to regulate Constant Pressure, Constant Flow, or Variable Flow/Pressure.

  • Improved Process Control
    By matching pump output flow or pressure directly to the process requirements, small variations in the process can be corrected more rapidly by iQ pump than by other control forms.
  • Improved System Reliability
    Any reduction in speed achieved by using iQ pump has major benefits in reducing pump wear, particularly in bearings and seals.
  • Reduce Total System Cost
    iQ pump lowers system cost by eliminating sensors, jockey pumps, restriction valves as well as reducing cable and tank sizing.
  • Energy Savings
    Depending on application, iQ pump will reduce the demand for energy by 20 to 50% by adjusting pump speed to match a lower flow/pressure.
  • Ease of Installation and Set Up
    iQ pump uses pump terminology on all setup parameters and monitors. Also included is a "Pump Quick Setup" menu.
  • Eliminate Complex Control Panels
    By installing iQ pump, many of the electromechanical controls can be eliminated. This will reduce the maintenance that these panels require.
  • Reduce Mechanical Stress and Damage to Pumps
    iQ pump has soft-start and soft-stop capabilities. Pressure surges and water hammer are eliminated.
  • Cooler Running Pump Motor
    Soft start eliminates inrush current, dramatically increasing winding insulation life.

Software Features


  • Programmable Set Point and Scaling
    12 different plain text engineering units are available, including PSI and GPM.
  • Control Pressure, Start Level and Start Time
    Flexibility to start the pump at different feedback levels or use the integrated timer to eliminate cycling.
  • Sleep Mode Minimum Flow Protection
    Protects and shuts down the pump at low speeds or in low flow conditions.
  • Sleep Boost
    Intended for use with a pressure tank, iQ pump will boost the set pressure prior to shutdown, extending the pump's sleep time, reducing cycling, and saving energy.
  • No Flow Detection
    Separate from Sleep Mode, this detects changes in pump motor RPM relative to sudden changes in pressure or flow; protecting against broken pipe, excessive well drawdown or run-dry conditions.
  • Pre-Charge Control
    This programmable feature eliminates water hammer and extends system life by gradually filling a pipeline before normal full pressure and flow operation. Pump motor speed can be controlled with a system timer, level or pressure control device to indicate when normal operation may begin.
  • Thrust Bearing Control
    Protects the bearings of submersible pump motors by ensuring start up speeds and times meet manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Automatic System Restart
    Programmable timers allow iQ pump to automatically restart the system in Auto Mode for faults relating to brown outs, loss of power, and pump specific faults.
  • Utility Start Delay Timer
    Used in conjunction with "Automatic Restart", a programmable timer will delay starting to allow for multiple pumps to sequence start on loss of power. This function ensures that the power system in not stressed when utility power has returned and pump system is automatically restarted
  • Loss of Prime (LOP)
    Loss of prime protection is a feature to protect the pump and motor from damage that would be caused if the pump were operated without water. If a pump were to lose prime and continue to operate without water moving through the pump, the pump would develop heat, which would eventually damage the pump seal, motor, pipe manifold and related components.
  • Low and High Pressure Feedback Detection
    iQ pump continuously monitors the system feedback device to provide a warning alarm or fault based on the programmed level.
  • Transducer Loss Protection
    iQ pump monitors the feedback device voltage or current levels to determine if the transducer has failed.
  • Flow Meter Data Logging
    Through a secondary analog input a flow sensor can be connected inline with the pump system back to iQ pump to read and accumulate total flow for system reporting to authorities. System can be configured to detect “No Flow” and “Sleep” on low demand.
  • Flow Monitor Loss Protection
    iQ pump monitors the current or voltage signal of the flow feedback device to determine if a failure has occurred.
  • Single Drive with Two Pump Alternation Sequence
    This feature will sequence iQ pump digital outputs based on pump run time hours to alternate two pumps for even wear.
  • Multiplex Automatic Stabilization
    iQ pump automatically balances multi-pump systems to stabilize performance and reduce cycling.
  • Timed Run / Stop Control
    Provides a method to automatically run and stop for a given amount of time. This feature is used for clearing sediment out of newly drilled wells and tank filling control.
  • Impeller Anti-Jam Automatic Control
    Provides a method for the user to select iQ pump to detect high current and attempt to expel corrosion or solids which are keeping the pump impeller form operating efficiently, system will perform a quick reversal to try and dislodge jam.
  • Impeller De-Scale Automatic Control
    iQ pump will monitor pump run time hours and will perform a rapid bi-directional acceleration to dislodge scale.
  • Low City Pressure
    Municipal booster systems that use an external pressure switch to monitor a minimum inlet city pressure for the pump system to run. iQ pump will monitor the pressure switch and will display "Low City Pressure" to alert operator that an issue has occurred outside of the iQ pump and pump system.
  • Lube Pump Control
    Designed for pumps that require pre-lubrication before each start. Digital output will energize a solenoid valve for a programmable time before starting allowing for lubrication each time the pump is started.
  • Constant Pressure with Well Draw Down Control
    This function allows iQ pump to control constant pressure when there is adequate water in the well, while monitoring a second down hole transducer for water level. If the water level drops below user settings then iQ pump reduces pump speed to maximize well output. System will return automatically to normal operation when well water is recharged to an adequate level.
  • Time Delayed External Fault Inputs
    Programmable settings that will delay pump faults to allow for transition of input power from utility to generator and vice versa. Examples are moisture relays, seal failure relays, external phase monitors, etc.

  • IQ Pump Software Suite

    IQ Pump Software Suite