Unit of Measure



N/A 1/8 to 10 hp

Power Supply ( 200 - 230 Vac, 3-Phase Input)

N/A 0.125 hp (0.8A) to 10 hp (33A)

Power Supply (200 - 230 Vac, 1-Phase Input)

N/A 0.125 hp (0.8A) to 5 hp (17.5A)

Power Supply (380 - 460 Vac, 3-Phase Input)

N/A 0.125 hp (0.8A) to 10 hp (18A)

Standard Enclosure

N/A NEMA 1 (IP21)

Plenum Rating

N/A Standard

Control Methods

N/A Open Loop Vector (OLV) V/Hz

Speed Regulation

N/A 0.2% in OLV

Dynamic Braking Transistor

N/A Standard

Dynamic Braking Capability

N/A Up to 100%

Output Frequency Range

N/A 0.1 to 400 Hz

Constant Torque Turn Down

N/A 100:1 OLV mode 40:1 V/Hz Mode

Standard Keypad

N/A LED with Pot; Isolated

Optional Keypad

N/A With/without Pot, Remote

Copy Function Keypad

N/A Standard

Digital Inputs

N/A 7 Multi-functional (24 vdc, isolated, PNP/NPN.)

Preset Speeds

N/A 16 plus Jog

Programmable Outputs Form C Relay

N/A Quantity 1 plus 2 Open Collector

Digital Pulse Train Input

N/A maximum 30 kHz

Flash ROM Software

N/A CASE Software Solutions

Serial Interface

N/A RS 422/485 Standard

Network Communication Option

N/A Optional DeviceNet and Profibus

Separately Adjustable Accel/Decel Time

N/A Maximum (2), 6000 s


N/A Standard

Additional Analog Input

N/A Optional 0-10 volt or 4 - 20 ma, 10 bit

Bipolar Analog Input, Option

N/A 1,10-0-10 volt, 10 bit

Analog Proportional Output

N/A 1, 0-10 V or 4-20 mA, 10 Bit

115 Vac Logic Input

N/A Optional PCB


N/A Confirmed by load tests of competitor's microdrive products, the J7 and V7 truly demonstrate Best In Class performance characteristics such as acceleration capability, low frequency torque at 100% and 150% load, and response to step load changes (shock load and unload).

Starting Torque

N/A The J7 produces excellent starting torque for many applications. If the absolute maximum starting torque is required, such as for loaded conveyors, centrifuge, or extruders, the V7 is the only logical choice. Both drives out-perform a popular competitor. Note that the competitor drive torque and current never stabilize.

Torque Response

N/A The frequency regulator of the J7 and the V7 can be adjusted to provide the optimum torque response for any application. Some competitors models however, lack this capability to adjust torque response. This can result in less than optimum torque response in fan, pump mixer or conveyor applications.


N/A J7 and V7 were previously marketed as GPD 305 and GPD 315 drives.

Characteristics Common to J7, V7, V7N, V74X


  • DIN Rail Mount: Optional
  • Flat Plate Mounting (without heatsink): Model Available
  • Motor Compatibility: Induction and Synchronous
  • Torque Boost: Standard
  • Analog Inputs: 1, 0-10 V or 4 - 20 mA, 10 Bit Resolution
  • Input Bias and Gain Adjustments: Standard
  • Simultaneous Use Network/Serial Communications and Keypad: Standard
  • Preset Accel/Decel Ramps: 2 each
  • Hold Command: Standard
  • Frequency Reference Bias/Gain: Analog
  • S-Curve Accel/Decel: 3 selectable times
  • Overtorque Detection: Standard
  • Stall Prevention: Standard
  • Stopping Modes: Selectable Decel Ramp or Coast-to-Stop
  • Speed Search: Standard
  • MOP: Standard
  • Carrier Frequency: 2.5 -10 kHz range; No Derate @ 10 kHz
  • Cable Charging: Use 5 kHz Max Carrier Frequency for Distances > 100 Meters Between Inverter and Motor
  • DC Braking: 100% for 0-25.5 sees, Current Based
  • Common or Shared Bus Capability: Standard
  • UL Listed Motor Overload: Standard
  • UL, cUL, CE Mark- Standard


Food and Beverages

N/A Yaskawa J7 and V7 drives support a diverse range of application and installation requirements including material handling, choppers shredders, mixers, small extruders, pumps and packaging. Superior acceleration, shock load/unload, and deceleration performance equate to trouble-free installation. These drives can be easily installed in all manufacturer's MCC packages. For washdown applications, special enclosures such as NEMA Type 4X can be provided to assure installation reliability. Network communication for the V7 includes DeviceNet Profibus and ControlNet.

Material Handling

N/A These drives are ideal choices for palletizers conveyors and monorails. Best In Class performance during acceleration shock load/unload, and deceleration ensures reliable operation. V7 open loop vector control provides 40:1 constant torque turndown operation. Cascade control of multiple V7 conveyor drives can be accomplished via standard pulse train input and output. The V7 option, Bipolar Analog Input (+/-10 volt) allows forward/reverse operation directly through input command.


N/A Reliability and overall lowest cost of ownership are critical to the automotive industry. This criteria is surpassed with both the J7 and the V7. Options such as Bipolar Analog Input, full range network communication interfaces, 115 VAC input and modulated DB - all make the V7 the Best in Class choice for applications such as material handling conveyors and monorails.


N/A Either drive can be the right drive for the right cost for use in bottling lines, canning lines, wrapping machines, and bagging machines.

Fiber and Textile

N/A Yaskawa AC drives have become the industry standard for performance and reliability for applications in Fiber and Textile. For metering pumps godet rolls, spinnerettes, and other applications in this industry, the V7 is the right drive. Reliable operation of synchronous motors is assured through proper regulator design with synchronous motor operation as a known design requirement. Frequency resolution of 0.01 Hz is standard. The drive can be connected in either common or shared bus configuration. Functions such as P-Jump/Traverse Dancer Control, and other application specific software requirements, are available in CASE Software for the V7. Network communication solutions ensure connectivity with major PLCs.

Fan and Pump

N/A Over 50% of all ac drive applications are for fans or pumps. The standard feature set of both these drives support centrifugal and constant torque loads. Carrier frequency operation to 10 kHz is standard for quiet motor operation. High instantaneous overload capability (200% for 1 second) provides high breakaway torque for high static friction loads (positive displacement pumps). The ability to start into a spinning motor provides reliable application and installation performance. V7 NEMA Type 4X and other enclosure options are available. The V7 is Plenum Rated for HVAC applications where the drive must be mounted in the air stream/duct work.


Network Communications

N/A Yaskawa offers many choices of network communication solutions x . V7 drive interfaces allow communication between drives PLCs industrial computers and other devices to provide the benefits of reduced wiring costs reduced maintenance costs and improved productivity through diagnostics accuracy and informational flexibility. The V7 supports DeviceNet Profibus-DP and ControlNet. Profibus is the leading fieldbus in the world providing open standard inter-operable and fully transparent networking. Data rates from 9.6 kbaud to 12 Mbaud are supported via shielded twisted pair. A maximum of 125 nodes may be connected. ControlNet is a high-speed network for automation and control level communication. It runs on fiber-optic or RG6 quad coax cable at 5 Mbit/sec with 99 node addressability.

DeviceNet is a simple open network that supports up to 64 nodes at data rates up to 500 kbaud over a shielded twisted pair with a second pair providing power. The V7N model has DeviceNet interface integrated into the inverter control card. The V7N saves wiring space cost and complexity.

CASE Application-Specific Software

N/A The V7 provides 2K of on-board Flash ROM to accommodate customer-specific or application-specific software. The experience from over 400 software solutions makes this Best in Class capability both affordable and reliable. A few examples of the CASE Software Titles available for the V7 are P-Jump/ Traverse Functions For Fiber/Textile Applications 800 Hz Output Frequency For Machining S-Curve Acceleration and Dancer Control With Trim.

Keypad With Copy Function

N/A The keypad operator on the V7 allows drive parameter settings to be read to the keypad EPROM. The keypad can then copy the settings to a similar V7, reducing programming time for drives with identical settings. This function is also possible with the J7 through use of the Separate Keypad Mounting kit. This capability is ideal for OEMs that need to program multiple drives or users with multiple identical lines.

Drive Wizard™ Software

N/A This optional software allows upload and download of parameters via PC for data storage and for programming multiple drives. The software also includes graphing and monitoring tools.

Separate Keypad Mounting

N/A Accessories are available to mount an operator keypad separate from the drive, such as when the drive is in an OEM enclosure.
  • The appropriate cable adapter is attached to the drive.
  • Connection cable is available in 1 and 3 meter lengths.
  • The separate keypad may be either a NEMA 4 version (without pot) or the standard V7 keypad inserted into a mounting receptacle.