Pump: Casing parts, impeller and neck ring of high-quality cast iron (stainless steel casting on request).

Screwed connections as well as mobile neck ring made of stainless steel.

Motor: Casing parts of high-quality cast iron or steel. Shaft of high quality heat-treatable steel, screwed connections made of stainless steel.
Unit of Measure



N/A 60 Hz


N/A 1140 to 1740 rpm

Rated Power

N/A 2.30 to 127.3 hp

Flow Capacity Q max

N/A 70 to 1400 gpm

Head Range

N/A 4 to 300 ft

Weight (Pump + Motor)

N/A 144/1,880 lb

Installation Type

N/A Dry Pit Portable Wet Pit

Internal Oil-Circulation Cooling

N/A Special Design

Internal Water Glycol Cooling

N/A Special Design

Standard Design, 1 Mech, Shaft Seal + 1 Radial Seal (depending on motor type)

N/A Standard Design

Sewage Plant Design, 2 Mech. Shaft Seals (depending on motor type)

N/A Standard Design

Temperature Monitoring

N/A Standard Design

Ceramics Coating Ceram

N/A Special Design

Abrasit Chill Casting

N/A On Request

AISI 316

N/A On Request


N/A On Request


N/A , Single-Channel Impellers
, Multi-Channel Impellers
, Vortex-Type Impellers
, Propeller-Type Impellers

Sewage Plant Design

N/A Low maintenance
  1. Mechanical shaft seal
    Block Seal with 2 mechanical shaft seals (short design) or 2 mechanical shaft seals in face-to-face arrangement.
  2. Cable entry
    Current supply cable NSSHoeu resists strong mechanical load.
  3. Screwed connections SS304/SS316
    Fast and low-cost dismantling by means of screwed connections of stainless steel.
  4. Internal circulation cooling
    - Internal cooling cycle secures a safe operation.
    - Transmission of the motor heat to the pumped liquid via a heat exchanger. Operating temperature and thermal load of the parts remain low.
  5. Stationary and mobile wear ring
    Stationary and mobile wear ring of stainless steel protect the pump casing and impeller from early

Sealing Systems

N/A Solutions for every application

Sewage plant design with WILO Block Seal

Mechanical shaft seals of highly wear-resistant silicon-carbide at the motor and pump side integrated in a stainless steel cassette, guarantee
- high wear and corrosion resistance
- high operation safety
- long working life
- operation not dependent on the direction of rotation

Sewage plant design with double mechanical shaft seal - tandem construction

for high stress and difficult applications
- 2 mechanical shaft seals of highly wear-resistant silicon-carbide in tandem arrangement.

Sewage plant design with double mechanical shaft seal - "Face-to-Face" construction

for high stress and difficult applications
- 2 mechanical shaft seals in highly wear-resistant arrangement

Standard design

low-cost sealing for normal applications
- pump-side sealing by means of highly wear-resistant mechanical shaft seal of silicon carbide
- motor-side sealing by special radial seal

Safety Components

  • DI-Electrode
    Humidity control in the terminal- (b),motor- (b) and sealing chamber (a + b)
  • Bi-metallic thermistors
    Control of the winding temperature in the motor chamber
  • Cold-type thermistors
    Control of the winding temperature in the motor chamber
  • Pt 100
    Control of the winding temperature and bearing temperature
  • Thermal float switch
    Control of the oil level and oil temperature in the motor chamber
  • Float Switch
    Leakage detection in the control chamber
  • Pressure Switch
    Pressure control in the motor chamber
  • Chains
    Installation and removal by means of high-safety chains as per DIN 685 with load lifting links.

Special Designs

N/A Special solutions

Sewage pumps with mechanical stirring mechanism

For clearing sand traps and sludge ponds and for stirring up deposits. The mechanical mixer is attached to a vortex impeller.

Sewage pumps with cutting mechanism
For pressure drainage of with long discharge pipelines possessing small cross sections. The cutting system before the impeller disintegrates sewage constituents to the required size. Rotor made of Abrasit.

Sewage pumps of stainless steel
For pumping corrosive media. All parts coming into contact with the media are therefore made of SS 316 stainless steel. With cable protection hose and elastomeres of Viton as a standard.

Sewage pump with ceramic coating Ceram C0 - applied in airless procedure.
For interior and exterior surfaces in contact with the pumped liquid resistant to salt water and industrial sewage. Layer thickness 400 µm, adhesion 15 N/mm², solvents free.

Sewage pumps with cast stainless steel
Impeller, sealing flange, pump casing and suction port are made of special material and therefore protected against corrosive or abrasive sewage. Motor with Ceram coating against corrosion, cable with protection hose.

Special Materials

N/A Different combinations

Wear-resistant materials and coatings

More and more wear-resistant materials and coatings are used in municipal and industrial application fields for pumping abrasive media instead of normal casting materials. These special materials are longer resistant to abrasive attacks due to their specific quality: WILO-liquid ceramics Ceram C1, C2, C3, WILO-Abrasit (Chill casting)

- very good protection against corrosion (Ceram)
- high abrasion-resistance, high wear resistance
- resistant to a lot of chemicals, oils, greases, solvents, diluted organic and inorganic acids and leaches (Ceram)
- high resistance to corrosive wear, aggressive chemicals and organic solvents (Ceram)

In industrial application fields corrosion resistant materials and coatings are required to pump chemically aggressive media. These special materials are very corrosion resistant to acids and bases: WILO-liquid ceramics Ceram C0, C1, C2, C3, AISI 316, duplex further materials on inquiry

- very good resistance to corrosion by acids and bases
- high resistance to inter crystalline corrosion and stress corrosion
- excellent stability and tenacity values

Types of Installations

Wet Sump Installation Advantages

  • low costs for lift station and assembly
  • low space requirement for the pumps
  • service-friendly installation and removal thanks to suspension device
  • motor is cooled by the pumped medium Advantages

Dry Sump Installation Advantages

  • accessible pump chamber
  • pump can be monitored during operation
  • quick repairs under hygienic conditions
  • pump remains in operation in case of flooding
  • internal cooling system, external cooling not required

Transportable Installation

N/A Application fields
  • deep, narrow shafts
  • shallow basins
  • dewatering on construction sites
  • industrial and municipal sewage disposal
  • sewer renewal