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Vaughan® Foambuster / Foam Suppression Systems

Features and Benefits  · Assured Quality and Performance  · Advantages

Features and Benefits
  • Evenly disperses droplets over moving surface in anaerobic digesters
  • Controls digester upsets
  • Optional scum nozzle re-suspends floatables & prevents stratification
  • Use with Rotamix or add to existing mixing systems to minimize foam and/or scum buildup

Assured Quality and Performance
  • Vaughan’s experience with quality mixing and solids handling products for over 50 years
  • Performance Guaranteed (Contact Vaughan for further details.)
  • 10 year full nozzle warranty (Contact Vaughan for further details.)
  • Verifiable with CFD modeling
  • Passes chemical dispersion tracing (Lithium, Aluminum Chloride), and other performance tests including temperature profiling analysis and total solids concentration profiling

  • Ability to intermittently mix tanks after long periods of storage, offering power savings
  • Allows intermittent operation of conventional process systems, further reducing energy costs
  • FOG Systems enhance methane production for cogeneration
  • Reduced energy alternatives (using variable frequency drives) can provide additional energy savings
  • Complete system conditions solids for better digestion
  • Efficient mixing optimizes chemical consumption in sludge dewatering applications
  • Operates without liquid level dependency
  • Meets or exceeds high rate digester designs
  • No scheduled nozzle assembly maintenance required
  • No rotating equipment within the process
  • Vaughan Chopper pump with flushless seal, eliminates costly seal water stations
  • Reduces confined space entry into tanks for maintenance
Capital Costs
  • Ability to mix multiple tanks using only one pump
  • Ability to fill, mix and transfer using only one pump
  • No access walkways, platforms or hoists required
  • Complete installed Rotamix system typically costs less than equipment alone for other types of mixing systems
  • Potentially reduces aeration requirements
  • Easily retrofits into existing tanks
  • Ability to work with flat floor design reduces construction costs
  • Optional assemblies to control scum and/or foaming


·  Vaughan® Foambuster / Foam Suppression System-A

·  Vaughan® Foambuster / Foam Suppression System-B


Vaughan® Rotomix Mixing Systems
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