F.O.G. (Fats, Oils & Grease)Systems By Rotamix Enhanced Digestion Systems

Custom Rotamix F.O.G. Systems:
  • Process blending of organic materials with municipal sludge to enhance the reduction of solids.
  • Use organics from fats, oils, and greases as well as food waste to create energy.
  • Reduce organic waste in landfills by establishing local contracts with restaurants and public recycling programs.
"JET FUEL FOR DIGESTERS" is how it’s described! Using the Rotamix System, food waste from restaurants (fats, oils, grease and waste produce) is received, blended and fed to anaerobic digesters. Increased methane produced and subsequent cogeneration can satisfy the electrical needs of the plant without having to purchase outside power. The added benefit? Waste that would normally end up in the landfill is utilized to produce power!
Unit of Measure

Assured Quality and Performance


  • Vaughan’s experience with quality mixing and solids handling products for over 50 years
  • Performance Guaranteed *
  • 10 year full nozzle warranty *
  • Verifiable with CFD modeling
  • Passes chemical dispersion tracing (Lithium, Aluminum Chloride), and other performance tests including temperature profiling analysis and total solids concentration profiling

    * Contact Vaughan for further details.


N/A Energy

  • Ability to intermittently mix tanks after long periods of storage, offering power savings
  • Allows intermittent operation of conventional process systems, further reducing energy costs
  • FOG Systems enhance methane production for cogeneration
  • Reduced energy alternatives (using variable frequency drives) can provide additional energy savings
  • Complete system conditions solids for better digestion
  • Efficient mixing optimizes chemical consumption in sludge dewatering applications
  • Operates without liquid level dependency
  • Meets or exceeds high rate digester designs
  • No scheduled nozzle assembly maintenance required
  • No rotating equipment within the process
  • Vaughan Chopper pump with flushless seal, eliminates costly seal water stations
  • Reduces confined space entry into tanks for maintenance
Capital Costs
  • Ability to mix multiple tanks using only one pump
  • Ability to fill, mix and transfer using only one pump
  • No access walkways, platforms or hoists required
  • Complete installed Rotamix system typically costs less than equipment alone for other types of mixing systems
  • Potentially reduces aeration requirements
  • Easily retrofits into existing tanks
  • Ability to work with flat floor design reduces construction costs
  • Optional assemblies to control scum and/or foaming