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Dresser Roots™ ROOTS-FLO® Positive Displacement Blowers

Patented ROOTS-FLO® blowers are heavy duty rotary units in a compact, sturdy design, engineered for reliable pneumatic conveying of grain and similar product.

Features  · Operating Principle

  • Impellers-Machined and dynamically balanced ductile iron impellers with integral shafts per ASTM 536 Class 60-45-12 and 80-60-3 for additional strength for those maximum load operations
  • Bearings-At maximum load and speed the extra capacity cylindrical roller drive shaft bearing has 2.5 to 3 times longer bearing life than the competition
  • Gears-Spur type SAE 8620 steel carburized and ground to 58-62RC for tough continuous operation
  • Seals-Main seals are piston ring/Viton Lip and the driveshaft has a Viton Lip seal. All are proven ROOTS™ Blowers & Compressors design

Operating Principle
Two figure-eight lobe impellers mounted on parallel shafts rotate in opposite directions. As each impeller passes the blower inlet, it traps a finite volume of air and carries it around the case to the blower outlet, where the air is discharged. With constant speed operation the displaced volume is essentially the same regardless of pressure, temperature or barometric pressure. Timing gears control the relative position of the impellers to each other and maintain small, but defined, clearances. This allows operation without lubrication being required inside the air casing.


Assembly Drawing (ROOTS-FLO Positive Displacement Blowers)
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Dimensional Drawing (ROOTS-FLO Positive Displacement Blowers)
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Manual (ROOTS-FLO Positive Displacement Blowers)
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Part List (ROOTS-FLO Positive Displacement Blowers)
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Operating Principle (ROOTS-FLO Positive Displacement Blowers)
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General Terms of Sale (ROOTS-FLO Positive Displacement Blowers)
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Specification Sheet (ROOTS-FLO Positive Displacement Blowers)
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