Capacity : 95 gpm (360 lpm)
Head : 18 ft (5.5 m)

4/10 Horsepower

The SRM4 Non-clog Pump is the most reliable 4/10 Horsepower Residential Sewage Pump available today. The SRM4 is a plumbers/contractors dream ... it will not clog! Its recessed impeller design allows 2" solids to pass freely through the volute without the chance of jamming the impeller. The SRM4 series pump has a national field-proven record of reliability. Look to your Myers distributor for the answer to your residential sewage handling needs ... and across the counter will be the Myers mini non-clog, the SRM4. It works for you!

Advantages By Design
Durable motor will deliver many years of reliable service.
  • Oil-filled motor for maximum heat dissipation and continuous bearing lubrication.
  • Overload protected shaded pole motor eliminates starting switches.
  • Recessed vortex impeller provides minimal radial loading for long bearing life.
The SRM4P is engineered for many years of maintenance-free operation.
  • Wide-angle piggy-back float switch for maximum draw down. (Automatic models)
  • Pump can be operated manually by unplugging piggy-back switch and plugging pump directly into outlet (Automatic models).
  • Recessed vortex impeller operates completely out of volute and provides free flow through passage for solids and liquids.
Unit of Measure



N/A 18 ft5.5 m

Shutoff Head

N/A 19 ft5.8 m

Pump Down Range Float Switch

N/A 7 to 14 in178 to 356 mm

Solids Handling Capacity

N/A 2 in50.8 mm

Liquids Handling

N/A Drain Water Effluent Raw Sewage

Intermittent Liquid Temperature

N/A up to 140 ºFup to 60 ºC


N/A 4/10 HP shaded pole 1650 RPM


N/A 115V 12A, 1Ø, 60 Hz. 230V 6A, 1Ø, 60 Hz.

Acceptable pH Range

N/A 6 to 9

Discharge, NPT

N/A 2 in50.8 mm

Minimum Sump Diameter (Simplex)

N/A 18 in457 mm

Minimum Sump Diameter (Duplex)

N/A 30 in762 mm


N/A 1650 rpm


N/A 4/10 hp


N/A 95 gpm360 lpm

Agency Approvals

Agency Approvals