Capacity : 565 gpm (35.7 L/s)
Head : 57.5 ft (17.5 m)

Standard (4R) and Explosion-Proof (4RX) Construction

The 4R and 4RX (Explosion-proof) Submersible Wastewater Pumps are the right choice when difficult to pump fibrous or stringy solids are to be expected. the 4R series provides smooth, vibration-free operation when operating at heads higher than peek efficiency. For use in municipal lift stations, treatment plants and industrial waste applications. Myers offers a complete line of wastewater pumps, lift-out rail assemblies, controls and accessories to meet your needs.

Advantages By Design
Passes stringy trash, fibrous wastes, slurries, and other difficult to pump solids that standard enclosed or semi-open impellers can not.
  • Recessed impeller design has completely open passage in volute.
  • Pumping action is by vortex; solids can't get caught in impeller volute.
  • Operates without vibration or cavitation over entire performance curve. Operates near shut-off without harming pump.
Durable motor will deliver many years of reliable service
  • Recessed impeller greatly increases bearing lilt by reducing radial load.
  • Oil-filled motor for maximum heat dissipation and constant bearing lubrication.
  • Heat sensor thermostats imbedded in windings protect motor from over heat conditions.
  • Seal leak probes warn of moisture entry; helps prevent costly motor burnout.
Available with optional U.L. approval for use in Class 1, group D hazardous locations (4RX only).
Unit of Measure



N/A 57.5 ft17.5 m

Solids Handling

N/A 3 in76 mm

Liquids Handling

N/A Effluent Fiberous Wastewater Raw Unscreened Sewage Storm Water

Intermittent Liquid Temperature

N/A up to 140 ºFup to 60 ºC

Winding Insulation Temperature. (Class F)

N/A 311 ºF155 ºC

Motor Electrical Data

N/A 1 Phase, 230V 1 Phase, 230V 60 Hz 1150 RPM, 1-3 HP 1750 RPM, 3-5 HP 3 Phase, 200/230/460/575V 3-10 HP 60 Hz

Acceptable pH Range

N/A 6 to 9

Specific Gravity

N/A 0.9 to 1.1


N/A 28 to 35 SSU

Horizontal Discharge Flanged Centerline

N/A 4 in 125 lb. ANSI 101.6 mm


N/A 3 hp


N/A 200 V


N/A 3


N/A 66.7 A23.0 kV·A


N/A 15.0 A3.5 kW5.0 kV·A

NEC Code Letter


Service Factor

N/A 18 A4.3 kW1.2


N/A 565 gpm35.7 L/s


N/A Consult factory for applications outside of these recommendations.

Construction Material

Motor Housing Material

N/A Cast Iron, Class 30, ASTM A48

Seal Housing Material

N/A Cast Iron, Class 30, ASTM A48

Volute Case Material

N/A Cast Iron, Class 30, ASTM A48

Cord Cap Material

N/A Cast Iron, Class 30, ASTM A48

Recessed Impeller Material

N/A Ductile Iron, Class 65, ASTM A536

Power Cord Material

N/A 25 ft. SOOW

Control Cord Material

N/A 25 ft. SOOW

Standard Double Tandem Mechanical Seal Material

N/A Carbon & Ceramic, Type 21

Optional Double Tandem Mechanical Seal Material

N/A Lower Tungsten, Carbide

Pump Shaft Material

N/A 416 SST

Motor Shaft Material

N/A 416 SST

Fasteners Material

N/A 300 series SST

Agency Approvals

Agency Approvals