Capacity : 680 gpm (42.9 L/s)
Head : 106 ft (32.3 m)

Standard (4VHA) and Explosion-Proof (4VHAX)

The high head 4VHA and 4VHAX (Explosion-proof) submersible non-clog Wastewater Pumps feature heavy duty construction and high operating efficiencies. Myers rounded port, 2-vane, enclosed impeller prevent solids from binding or clogging and offer high operating efficiencies to cut your pumping costs. The 4VHA series constant velocity volute provides smooth operation over an extended portion of the performance curve for longer seal and bearing life. For use in raw water, storm water, effluent and drainage applications. Myers offers a complete line wastewater pumps, lift-out rail assemblies, controls and accessories to meet your needs.

Advantages By Design
High efficiency hydraulic design cuts pumping costs and extends life of fluid end components.
  • Two-vane, rounded port, enclosed type impeller operates at high efficiencies.
  • Modified constant velocity volute offers quiet operation, low radial loads over extended portion of performance curve.
Durable motor will deliver many years of reliable service.
  • Oil-filled motor for maximum heat dissipation and constant bearing lubrication.
  • Heat sensor thermostats imbedded in windings protect motor from overheat conditions.
  • Seal leak probes warn of moisture entry; helps prevent costly motor burn-out.
  • Double tandem shaft seals prevent sewage from entering motor.
  • Power and control cables are double sealed with epoxy and compression grommet.
Available with optional U.L. approval for use in Class 1, Group D hazardous location (4VHAX only).
Unit of Measure



N/A 106 ft32.3 m

Solids Handling

N/A 2 in50.8 mm

Liquids Handling

N/A Effluent Raw Water Storm Water

Intermittent Liquid Temperature

N/A up to 140 ºFup to 60 ºC

Winding Insulation Temperature. (Class H)

N/A 356 ºF180 ºC

Motor Electrical Data

N/A 1750 RPM
5 - 15 HP
200/230/460/575 volts
3 phase, 60 Hz

Acceptable pH Range

N/A 6 to 9

Specific Gravity

N/A 0.9 to 1.1


N/A 28 to 35 SSU

Horizontal Discharge Flanged Centerline

N/A 4 in 125 lb. ANSI 101.6 mm

Volute Wear Ring Material

N/A Brass


N/A 1750 rpm


N/A 10 hp


N/A 200 V


N/A 3


N/A 60 Hz


N/A 204 A70.7 kV·A


N/A 40 A11.3 kW13.9 kV·A

NEC Code Letter


Service Factor

N/A 48.3 A13.9 kW1.2


N/A 680 gpm42.9 L/s


N/A Consult factory for applications outside of these recommendations.

Construction Material

Motor Housing Material

N/A Cast Iron, Class 30, ASTM A48

Seal Housing Material

N/A Cast Iron, Class 30, ASTM A48

Volute Case Material

N/A Cast Iron, Class 30, ASTM A48

Cord Cap Material

N/A Cast Iron, Class 30, ASTM A48

Enclosed 2-Vane Impeller Material

N/A Ductile Iron, Class 30, ASTM A536

Power Cord Material

N/A 25 ft. SOOW

Control Cord Material

N/A 25 ft. SOOW

Standard Double Tandem Mechanical Seal Material

N/A Carbon & Ceramic, Type 21

Optional Double Tandem Mechanical Seal Material

N/A Lower Tungsten, Carbide

Pump Shaft Material

N/A 416 SST

Motor Shaft Material

N/A 416 SST

Fasteners Material

N/A 300 series SST

Agency Approvals

Agency Approvals1 N/A

  • 1 CSA (pending)