Positive Reinforcement For Your Frontline Meter Ranks

Master Meter’s Positive Displacement Meter is leading the PD charge into the 21st century. Utilities preferring PD meters can now choose our advanced meter technology with 3G performance previously available only with Master Meter Multi-Jets. The basic PD meter has served on the frontlines for water utilities, virtually unchanged, for the past century. We salute its legacy, but our engineers felt this decades old design could use some improvement. Our latest PD meters are an engineer’s dream — completely redesigned using the same Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) type software used by NASA to build advanced aerospace equipment. These meters feature optimized flow dynamics for quiet, precise operation and unmatched sustained accuracy. Whether you are replacing old meters or addressing growth, choose the latest in meter technology and put Master Meter Positive Displacement meters to work on your frontline.

Technology For Advancing Your Utility

Master Meter Positive Displacement meters are designed with the future in mind for use in mobile and fixed network AMR/AMI data management systems. Choose the optional DIALOG 3G® Integrated AMR Register and put our ConnectionFree™ AMR Technology to work for you. 3G delivers powerful results with 4,000 read data logging and vigilant Revenue Impact Alerts™ monitoring for leaks, theft (back flow), tamper, and zero consumption. Our award-winning register design houses all vital components - encoder, RF transmitter, battery and antenna - safely within the register’s sealed stainless steel and tempered glass enclosure. We eliminated external wires, components and connections - the #1 cause of warranty related issues on competitive designs.

  • Oscillating piston technology delivers maximum flow with minimal pressure drop
  • Measuring chamber housing and piston measuring element built with advanced, non-hydrolyzing engineered polymer materials
  • Meets or exceeds all AWWA Standards
  • Ultra-low head loss at 6.5 PSI at 20 GPM
  • 35 + Years Verified Sustained Accuracy (4,000,000 million USG) in independent tests on the 5/8" size meter by the Utah Water Research Laboratory
  • Improved capability to pass entrained solids
  • Superior low flow capability records every leak
  • With Optional 3G Integrated Register:
    - Revenue Impact Alerts - Leak, Tamper, Theft (Back flow), and Zero Consumption
    - Rich 4,000 Read Data Logging Capabilities (scalable / customer defined resolution)
    - Deploy DMA/DMZ Advanced Infrastructure Leak Management Programs
  • Precision Engineered
  • Sustained Accuracy
  • Quiet Operation
  • AMR/AMI Migratable with 3G
Unit of Measure



N/A 1 in3/4 in5/8 in

Register Options


  • DIALOG 3G Integrated AMR Register
  • DIALOG 3G LCD Interpreter™
  • DIALOG 2G® Pit
  • DIALOG 2G Indoor
  • Direct Read



  • Direct Read/Manual
  • Proximity/Wand Read - 2G
  • Mobile Drive-By AMR - 3G
  • Fixed Network AMI Solution - 3G (100% migratable using existing Mobile AMR infrastructure)