Maximum Protection.
Maximum Revenue.
Around the Clock Service.

Master Meter’s Fire Service Compounds (FSC) are FM approved for fire service use and built with superior internal protection to ensure maximum flow in the face of a fire emergency. Our FSC meters are specifically designed to monitor single water lines providing both domestic and fire service use, so they are optimized for high flow variance. A patented valve design provides a narrow crossover range and high sustained accuracy when operating in this range. Utilities can confidently, maximize revenue capture on these difficult to meter lines without sacrificing emergency performance.

Ready When Called Upon.
Always On Duty.

With our FSC, some AWWA recommended annual maintenance can be completed without compromising service uptime for domestic use drawn from the same line. Our exclusive, externally loaded spring valve allows for hassle-free visual inspection and any necessary manual adjustments without disruption of water service. To minimize the time required for service, our strainer assemblies feature large, o-ring sealed drains for easy flushing of debris without removing the top plate. When needed, flow measurement elements can be quickly removed for service without pulling the entire meter assembly from the line.

Our FSC fits comfortably within the installation space of most current fire service applications. Install Master Meter’s FSC to capture more revenue and better service clients with reduced maintenance downtime.

Features & Benefits
  • FM Approved for Fire Service
  • Superior Accuracy at Crossover
  • Sustained, High Accuracy Across Broad Flow Range
  • Meets or Exceeds the Latest Revision of ANSI/AWWA C-703 Standard
  • Designed for Efficient Maintenance to Minimize Service Downtime
  • Exceptional Low Flow Measurement Performance
  • Flexible Installation Options to Meet Space Challenges
With Optional 3G Integrated Register:
  • Revenue Impact Alerts™ - Leak, Tamper, Theft (backflow), and Zero Consumption
  • Rich 4,000 Read Data Logging - Scalable, Customer Defined Resolution
  • Deploy District Management Areas / Zones (DMA/DMZ) Advanced Infrastructure Leak Management Programs
  • FM Approved
  • High Accuracy at Crossover
  • Easy Maintenance
  • AMR/AMI Migratable
Unit of Measure



N/A 4 in6 in8 in

Register Options


  • AccuLinx™ 8-wheel Absolute Encoder (also available with integrated DIALOG 3G)
  • DIALOG 3G LCD Interpreter'"
  • DIALOG 2G® Pit
  • DIALOG 2G Indoor
  • Electrical Output Register
  • Direct Read



    FixedLinx™ Meter Data Management AMI Solution - Utilizes the 3G technology backbone with simultaneous Mobile AMR and Fixed Network AMI data collection capabilities.
  • Mobile Drive-By AMR - 3G
  • Proximity/Wand Read - 2G
  • Direct Read/Manual