Read High. Read Low. And Read Between the Lines … With Confidence

Master Meter Dual Body Compound Meters are built to exceed AWWA standards across broad flow ranges giving utilities the ability to capture maximum billable units at high and low flow rates - and anywhere in between. Our Dual Body Compounds pair a rugged Master Meter Turbine on the main line with our proven Multi-Jet on the low flow line. At crossover our meters record at least 97% of use shattering the 90% required by the AWWA, while putting more revenue in your pocket.

Sustained Accuracy with a Go Anywhere Attitude

Built to last from tough materials, our DB Compound incorporates flow straighteners on the main line to optimize flow and promote smooth, precise operation that supports long service life with sustained accuracy. An integrated strainer on the low flow line Multi-Jet protects its core measuring elements ensuring years of maintenance-free operation under harsh conditions.

Our DB Compound meters are designed to fit within the space, or often less, than that of already installed compound meters. To further ease installation, our compound meters can be installed with the low flow line on either side of the main body.

Features & Benefits
    • Meets or Exceeds the Latest Revision of ANSI/AWWA C702 Standard
    • Sustained, High Accuracy Across Broad Flow Range
    • Superior Accuracy at Crossover
    • Flexible Installation Options to Meet Space Challenges
    • Service the Turbine, Multi-Jet and Differential Valve Without Removal From the Line
    • Master Meter’s Extended Warranty Ensures Lasting Reliability
    • With Optional 3G Integrated Register:
      • Provide Accurate Usage Detail for High Dollar, High- Volume Connections with Rich 4,000 Read Data Logging Capabilities (scalable / customer defined resolution)
      • Protect Your Utility’s Bottom Line:
        - Revenue Impact Alerts - Leak, Tamper, Theft (Backflow), and Zero Consumption (Indicates Potentially Damaged Meter)
        - Deploy District Metering Areas or Zones (DMA/DMZ) for Advanced Infrastructure Leak Management Programs
  • Flexible Installation
  • Sustained Accuracy Across Broad Flow Range Optimized Flow Dynamics for Long Service Life
  • AMR/AMI Migratable
Unit of Measure



N/A 2 in3 in4 in6 in

Register Options


  • AccuLinx™ 8-wheel Absolute Encoder (also available with integral DIALOG 3G)
  • DIALOG 3G LCD Interpreter™
  • DIALOG 2G® Pit & Indoor
  • Electrical Output Register
  • Direct Read



  • FixedLinx™ AMI Solution - Utilizes the 3G technology backbone with simultaneous Mobile AMR and Fixed Network AMI data collection capabilities.
  • 3G Mobile™ Drive-By AMR
  • Proximity/Wand Read - 2G
  • Direct Read/Manual