Tough, Dependable and Extremely Capable

Master Meter Bottom Load Multi-Jets get the job done. Featuring the latest in measurement technology they bring sustained accuracy with tough performance that stands up to particulates that would choke other meters. These bold meters have sensitive measurement capabilities that account for every drop of potential revenue - reading flow as low as 1/8 gallon per minute. Nothing sneaks by our meters. If you demand tough-as-nails performance, with a keen eye on your bottom line, you can count on Master Meter Bottom Load Multi-Jets.

Live Long with a Bright Future

The Bottom Load Multi-Jet is an updated smart design to the classic "top load" multi-jet meter. These meters are designed with the future in mind for use in mobile and fixed network AMR/ AMI data management systems. Choose an optional DIALOG 3G® Integrated AMR Register and put our Connection Free™ AMR Technology to work for you. 3G delivers powerful results with 4,000 read data logging and vigilant Revenue Impact Alerts™ monitoring for leaks, tamper, theft (back flow), and zero consumption. Our award-winning register design houses all vital components - encoder, RF transmitter, battery and antenna - safely within the register’s sealed stainless steel and tempered glass enclosure. We eliminated external wires, components and connections-the #1 cause of field related issues on competitive designs.

  • Rugged Basket Strainer Built From Advanced Polymer Materials for Superior Wear Mitigation.
  • Proprietary Design Produces Smooth, Laminar Flow Profile for Improved Accuracy.
  • Accuracy Meets or exceeds the AWWA C-708 Standard. Optional NSF Certification Available.
  • Optional 3G Integrated Register Delivers :
    - Revenue Impact Alerts - Leak, Tamper, Theft (back flow), and Zero Consumption
    - Rich 4,000 Read Data Logging Capabilities
    - Deploy District Management Areas/Zones (DMA/DMZ) Advanced Infrastructure Leak Management Programs
  • Tough
  • Sustained Accuracy
  • Dependable
  • AMR/AMI Migratable with 3G
Unit of Measure



N/A 1 in3/4 in5/8 in

Register Options


  • DIALOG 3G Integrated AMR Register
  • DIALOG 3G LCD Interpreter™
  • DIALOG 2G® Pit
  • DIALOG 2G Indoor
  • Direct Read



  • Direct Read/Manual
  • Proximity/Touch - 2G
  • Mobile Drive-By AMR - 3G
  • Fixed Network AMI Solution - 3G (FN migratable using existing Mobile AMR infrastructure)