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Item # BD100, Blue Ribbon Bulldog BD100 Setpoint Pump Controllers

Dual setpoint controller that is easy to program. Controls submersible pumps in lift stations, and is designed to field calibrate the Birdcage Level Sensor.

Standard Features:
  • Control ON-OFF for two pumps
  • Front-panel programming
  • Analog output for run times.
  • Secure menu for all other pre-set values
  • 24 VDC power for sensor
  • Accepts 4 - 20 mA or 1-5 VDC
  • Nonvolatile memory, no batteries
  • Alternation of pumps set as default
  • Setpoints continuously displayed, along with current level readings
The Bulldog is a setpoint controller designed primarily to accept the 4 - 20 mA output signal from the Birdcage level sensor, turn pumps on and off, and control alarm outputs.

This controller is simple and inexpensive. It is so simple that even the least-trained operator can program six standard level setpoints for the control of the pumps -the on/off setpoints for the two pumps and the settings for the two alarms. That's it! Everything else is defaulted to a secure menu, pre-programmed for the customer. Everything is readily available in case you have to change range or decimal placement, suppress the zero, or turn off the alternation, etc.
The flexibility and variety of options in the secure menu will be applauded by engineers, while the operators will never have to learn those programming steps. Nothing could be easier!


Setpoint Range

Low and High points are selected independently


Two 4 digit, 7 segment, 14.2mm (0.56") high LED's

Control Action

Selectable for Reverse (pump up) or Direct (pump down); Selectable for alternation or not

Control Output Ratings

Relays: 2 each SPDT, 10A@ 240 VAC resistive, 1/2 hp @ 120 VAC, 1/3 hp @ 240 VAC Alarm Relays: 2 each SPST 3A @ 240 VAC resistive, 1.5A @ 240 VAC inductive, pilot duty rating: 240 VA 2A @ 120 VAC or 1A @ 240 VAC

Additional Outputs

Two switched voltage outputs mirror action of relays, for recording motor start cycles and run times


± 0.0025% of reading ± 1 least significant digit


1 count or 0.1 counts (sensor dependent)


Relays and SSR outputs, 1500 VAC from all inputs and outputs; 24 VDC loop power, 500 VAC to all inputs and outputs

Power Consumption

5 VA maximum

Electrical Supply

100 to 240 VAC nominal, +10% to 15%, 50 to 400 Hz single phase; 132 to 240 VDC +10% to 20%

Loop Powered Supply

isolated +24 VDC supplies power to the Birdcage or Pressure Sensor

Operating Temperature Range

10 to 55 ºC
-14 to 130

Storage Temperature Range

-40 to 80 ºC
-40 to 175

Humidity Range

0 to 90% up to 40ºC for non-condensing

Memory Backup

Non-volatile memory, no batteries

Panel Cutout

92 x 92 mm
3.625 x 3.625

Depth Behind Mounting Surface

103 mm


454 g

Front Panel Rating

IP66 (Type NEMA 4X)


Bulldog BD100 Setpoint Pump Controller
(PDF, 71KB)