Protect your water systems from damage caused by debris with the Badger® 7000AFSS Fire Service Strainer. The Badger® 7000AFSS is used in conjunction with a water spray system to protect the system against clogging that can be caused by particles fouling the small discharge opening of the sprinkler heads. This type of strainer is usually installed upstream of most of the devices in the system including the Meters, Backflow Preventers (or Detector Check Valves), and Flow Alarms, in order to protect these devices from damage caused by large particles.

The strainer is designed to permit removal of the filter for replacements and repair without removing the body from the line. A flush outlet port is provided with each strainer. The filter will withstand 125 psi when plugged. Friction Loss does not exceed 10 psi when tested with foreign material (gravel) equal to 2-1/2' of filled pipe trapped in the strainer. Open screen area is at least 6.0 times greater than the nominal pipe size open area. Friction loss is less than 3 psi at rated flow when tested with clean filter and water. The strainer is rated for working pressures up to 175 psi:

3" (875 psi), 4" (875 psi), 6" (875 psi), 8" (700 psi), 10" (700 psi)
Unit of Measure



N/A UL 321 and FM class 5551 approved


N/A 10 in3 in4 in6 in8 in

Rated Working Pressure

N/A 175 psi

Temperature Range

N/A 140 ºF

Trim Hardware

N/A Zinc plated Carbon Steel

Features and Benefits


  • Large solids trap to minimize screen blockage
  • 304 SST strainer element
  • Sizes: 3", 4", 6", 8" and 10"
  • Rated working pressure: 175 psi
  • Temperature range: 140° F
  • Body material: Corrosion resistant fusion-bonded epoxy coated steel
  • Screen characteristics: 304 SST, 0.25 diameter perforation
  • Flanges AWWA Class "D"
  • Stainless steel flushing ports both sides with AWWA bronze plugs, unless otherwise specified. (Optional flushing valves available.)
  • Stainless steel bypass ports both sides with AWWA bronze plugs unless otherwise specified (3" not available with bypass ports.)
  • Trim Hardware: Zinc plated carbon steel Optional: 302/304 Stainless Steel