• Capacities to 150 G.P.M
  • Heads to 270 Feet
  • Temperatures to 190ºF.
Introduction Aurora Condensate Units

Condensate units provide for an automatic return of hot water condensation from radiators, coils, pipe, etc., to high or low pressure boilers. They are also utilized in industrial complexes for returning liquids to overhead storage tanks of gravitational circulating systems as well as many other unique uses. Condensate return requirements call for a system that will provide uninterrupted service for single or multiple boiler installations. Aurora Packaged Systems deliver those values which you need and expect. Quality features include a steel receiver, float switch and pumps all completely assembled. In Auroras design, the pumps, support, and piping are mounted beneath the receiver on a common steel base. As your heating system grows, the receiver design will allow you to convert from simplex to duplex. Just add a pump and pipe it up! In a duplex system, single pump operation provides service when capacity and demand call for normal service. Duplex units require very little additional floor space than a simplex unit requires. The two APCO pumps used in the system operate alternately to extend the life of both pumps Both pumps operate simultaneously when service demands exceed the capabilities of a single pump. This Aurora product offers:
  • Turbine design that handles vapor bubbles with no vapor lock.
  • Design simplicity with a minimum of pans.
  • Complete system package pre-piped on a one-piece common base.
  • Versatile, rugged, compact construction
  • Simplex and Space Saving Duplex Systems.
The following pages explain the reasons why Aurora Pump is able to offer you a modern, packaged, customer proven system.
  1. Steel Receiver is 3/16" thick to insure long life. Receiver connections are threaded and include vent, inlet and drain.
  2. Stainless Steel Float has adjustable travel to permit 1-1/2 times maximum return rate between stops Combination float switch and alternator is standard on duplex units.
  3. Temperatures to 190ºF. water and selected for a minimum capacity of twice the rate of evaporation.
  4. Brass Water Level Gauge glass assembly is furnished complete with shut-off valve.
  5. Interchangeable Design provides future system expansion with receiver connections for up to 2 pumps. Just add a pump and pipe it up.
  6. Completely Assembled Piping from receiver to pump Included are expansion type elbows to eliminate pipe strain.
  7. Accessibility to pump and other components for easier maintenance. All pumps and piping are mounted beneath the receiver. The unit bolts to a steel base.
  8. Pumps designed for condensate applications will handle entrained vapor and air with liquid to eliminate vapor lock
Quality Aurora Pumps
V.l.P. pump test
3/16" thick steel flat head receiver with inlet, vent & drain connections Simplex pump with float switch Bronze fitted pump construction Removable channel rings Self-venting casings Piping from receiver to pumps Expansion type suction elbows Gauge glass assembly Factory assembled Coupling guards
Unit of Measure



  • Duplex pumps with combination float switch and alternator
  • Control panel prewired
  • Electric alternator
  • Thermometer
  • Pressure gauges
  • A.S.M.E. receivers
  • Electrolytic corrosion inhibitors
  • Make-up feeder valve
  • Inlet "Y" strainer
  • Special units
  • 3/16" gauge galv. steel receiver with inlet, vent & drain connections

Turbine Pump Operation and Optional Equipment

N/A Standard Equipment
Simplex-Model 211
Receiver with float switch, sight gauge glass with gauge cock, support, expansion elbow, piping, pump, motor, base, coupling and coupling guard.
Recommended Options: pressure gauge, thermometer, magnetic starter and one hand-off-auto switch mounted and wired complete.

Duplex —Model 212
Receiver with a combination float switch alternator assembly, sight gauge glass with gauge cock, support, expansion elbows and piping, two pumps (one operational and one standby), motors, bases, coupling guards and couplings.
Recommended Options: pressure gauges, thermometer. NEMA 1 control panel with two starters, two hand-off-automatic switches and two selector switches, mounted and wired complete.
Optional Equipment Thermometer provided with direct reading scale from 40 ºF to 260 ºF.
A) Back angle
B) 3" Dial
Make-Up Feeder Valve — 3/4" includes electric solenoid, reverse action float switch and necessary fittings.
125# ASME Code Receivers of equal capacity.
Additional Pipe Taps such as vents in receiver as required
Magnesium Anode provides electrolytic corrosion protection for the receiver
Electric Alternator conveniently mounted and wired on duplex units.
Mechanical Seals for single or two stage turbine pumps
Special Pumps such as centrifugals.
Pressure Gauges on pump discharge.
Duplex Units completely assembled.
Special Motors - Voltages and enclosures.

Principle of Operation
The turbine pump derives its name from the many buckets machined into the periphery of the rotating impeller which permits development of a relatively high pressure in an efficient and economic manner. More pressure is developed within the turbine pump than with a comparable size centrifugal pump. The pumped liquid is directed by the water passage so that it circulates in and out of the buckets many times on its way from the pump inlet to the pump outlet. Additional energy is added to the liquid each time it passes through the buckets so the numerous passes generate a high discharge pressure. The pressure is developed without pulsations. While close clearances are used within the turbine pumps, there is no metal to metal contact. Volatile liquids are handled easily because a turbine pump readily handles vapor and air along with the liquid, thus eliminating the possibility of a vapor lock within the pump. Free-flowing and non-lubricating liquids are handled with a minimum of wear to pump parts because there is no metal to metal contact within the pump channel. The illustrations indicate the principle used in the handling of the liquid and developing of pressure in a regenerative turbine pump.

Aurora APCO Turbine Pump Features

  • Double suction minimizes axial thrust.
  • Replaceable channel rings and impellers.
  • Opposed discharges to balance radial loads {two stage}.
  • Interchangeable packing or mechanical seals. Seals are optionally available on single as well as two stage pumps.
  • Large shaft for minimum deflections.
  • Slingers protect bearings.
  • O-rings prevent leakage.