• Capacities to 800 G.P.M. (182 M3/HR)
  • Pressures to 300 PSI (211 M)
  • Potable Water Application
IntelliBoost Variable Speed Pumping System Introduction

The Aurora Pump IntelliBoost Variable Speed Constant Pressure Booster System is designed to meet the ever-increasing needs and complexity of today's water systems, and is specifically tailored to fresh water applications in high rises, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial, industrial and municipal locations. This system offers a state of the art combination of the Pentair Water Variable Frequency Drive for each pump, and a PLC Control Panel with a PID Loop to stage up to four pumps based on pressure and flow needs of the building. Pumps are the Pentair PVM multistage pump with suitable for variable frequency drives. Each system is fully assembled, wired and tested for ease of installation and reliable service.

Unit of Measure



  • Pressure Transducer mounted on suction manifold to provide 4-20 mA signal
  • Low Suction pressure shut down
  • Low System pressure alarm
  • Temperature Switches in each pump to aid in flow shut down
  • Stainless Steel Base assembly
  • Common Disconnect with Breaker with single point power feed
  • Augment each variable speed drive with a Bypass Starter
  • Flow Transducer to operate integrally with pressure control
  • 24 Hour Alternation
  • NEMA 1, 12, 4X
  • Operation on 380 volts 50 Hz
  • Single Phase operation available
  • Spare EE PROM with standard program
  • Gauges at each pump
  • Complete Factory Test
  • 316 SS manifolds
  • Ethernet Communications
  • 5.7" Inch Color HMI Touch Screen
  • Separately Shipped Hydro-Pneumatic Tank
  • Custom Engineered Systems

Engineering Specifications

Engineering Specification

PVM Pump Range Chart for 60 Hertz

PVM Pump Range Chart for 60 Hertz

HMI Touch Screen

HMI Touch Screen

HMI Touch Screen Master Menu

HMI Touch Screen Master Manu

Performance Log

Performance Log

Event Log

Event Log


  • UL Listed Control Panel with PLC and Proportional Integral Derivative to sequence pumps
  • Duplex, Triplex, Quadraplex
  • Pentair PVM multistage pumps
  • ANSI pump flanges
  • 304 SS manifolds
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Isolation Ball Valves and non-slam check valves for each pump
  • Boost pressure to 300 PSI, and flows to 800 GPM.
  • Single source responsibility
  • No flow shut down sleep cycle based on no load and time to shut down
  • Audible Visible alarm system
  • Suction and Discharge Manifold Gages
  • 3.8" Inch Touch Screen HMI for panel operation
  • Real Time Clock
  • RS 485 Communication to VFD's Modbus RTU
  • 460 Volts at 60Hz
  • Pressure transducer mounted on discharge manifold to provide 4-20 mA signal